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Buffalo Bills Tailgate

Do you have game tickets?  Let us take you to the game.  You and your friends / family can spend the day together tailgating without the worry of having to drive.

Bills Day Out

We will pick you up, take you to the game and after the game we drop you back off.  Everyone going will be at 1 location for the pick up and drop off  


Ask About Our Wine/Brew Tour Packages

Wine tours are a great way to celebrate an event, hang out with friends and family or just to be able to take a ride around a lake.

Our tours are customized to you!  Here is how to get started:

  1. Choose your lake
  2. Choose your time slot
  3. Get your group together and have fun!!

Our drivers know the lakes, they know the wineries and you can rest assured to have a great time out!

Airport Transport

Do you need a ride to the airport?  Turbo Taxi will be more than happy to take you there or pick you up.  If you fly often, ask about our frequent flyer discount package

Hospitals / Doctors

Do you need a ride home from the doctors or hospital?  Turbo Taxi will be more than happy to pick you up or drop you off.  We service all local area medical offices and hospitals


Do you need us to pick up your prescriptions for you?  Turbo Taxi will be delighted to pick them up and drop them off to you.  Give us a call if we can help


Tour The Area

We have setup tour packages with area sights like Letchworth State Park where you can take a guided tour with our drivers for a day through the park

Bar Hop / Night Out

We do offer Bar Hops, Night Outs with pre-arranged destinations and time limits for your convenience where you are not charged the “after hours” rates

Delivery Services

We also offer delivery services.  If you need something from the store or you need a ride to the store, we can help there too!  Give us a call…